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For the dreamers

LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE “We don’t always know what makes us happy.” “We know, instead, what we think SHOULD. We are baffled and confused when our attempts at happiness fail…We are mute when it comes to naming accurately our own preferences, delights, gifts, talents. The voice of our original self is often muffled, overwhelmed, even strangled, by the voices of other people’s expectations. The tongue of the original self is the language of the heart.” - Julie Cameron

"Speak those thing that are not, as though they were"

#SXSW2014 Warehouse

Had a great time in Dallas


A.i. 2014


Frederic Chopin - Etude No. 12 in C Minor, Op. 25, “Ocean” - Vladimir Horowitz

I pray, one day I’ll be able to own the stage like my father. Practice makes perfect.


Al-Masjid An-Nabawi, Al-Madinah

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Cultural Centre in Jinan Paul Andreu

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Amea’s 3rd Birthday 😊